Discussing an Ethic of Care with Lindsay Miller on The Stress Nanny

Toward the end of the summer, Lindsay Miller hosted me on her podcast, The Stress Nanny, to talk about Gilligan and Nodding’s Ethic of Care. The conversation strayed, as my conversations inevitably do nowadays, to empathy. Although Lindsay doesn’t know this, her podcast invitation was the reason I revisited the Ethic of Care literature to prepare for my appearance on her podcast; in that review, I realized how valuable an Ethic of Care would be as a theoretical lens for teaching empathy in virtual settings (the application to teach empathy is discussed in an upcoming chapter co-authored with Sara Kitsch).

In my conversation (Apple Podcast Link) with Lindsay, we discussed the roots of an Ethic of Care as a feminist ethic, specifically focusing on how the Ethic of Care validates women and their ways of knowing. I’m interested to continue to conversation with Lindsay, soon, and I’m also continuing to explore the ways the empathy and self-compassion play a role in the larger social justice movement in my next book project.

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