Positionality Workshops

Building on her chapter in Strunk & Locke’s edited volume on researcher positionality, on her work developing empathy leadership curriculum, and pulling from the science of mindfulness, Laura offers a workshop titled On Positionality: Working from awareness, through guilt, to responsibility and action. She is also working on a book of the same title.

Empathy Workshops

Laura has developed and facilitated one- and two-day workshops on empathy and applied empathy for educators and leaders in the Air Force and Air University. Additionally, she has developed a conceptual framework for teaching empathy in the higher education classroom (see Parson & Kitsch, 2022) and created and taught a professional development course on empathy for K12 educators. These workshops focus on how and why to develop empathy and perspective-taking (applied empathy) as a skill for higher education practitioners (i.e., student affairs professionals, administrators, and faculty/instructors. She is also working on a book with the working title Empathy & Applied Perspective-Taking for Higher Education Practitioners.