I have seven years of teaching diverse student populations at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and in face-to-face and online formats. I have taught a variety of learners, including active duty military for the Cadre Faculty Development Course for the University of Louisville, undergraduate teacher-educators, ELLs, and adult learners. I have taught general education courses in ethics, and have taught English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). As an assistant professor at Auburn University, I coordinate the Certificate in College/University teaching and teach courses in Instructional Strategies, Critical Pedagogy, and Higher Education Law. As a clinical assistant professor in higher education at the University of Louisville, I taught courses in College Student Development, Instructor Clinicals (Helping Skills, Instructional Technology, Higher Education in Practice), and Instructional Strategies. Additionally, I have taught and developed courses in Instructional strategies, Helping skills, Ethics and English Language Learning (ELL) Methods in traditional, online synchronous, and online asynchronous formats.

My teaching record and philosophy demonstrates evidence of promoting and supporting diversity and social justice. As an instructor of scholars and practitioners in the fields of higher education and student affairs, I seek to model the characteristics of effective teaching and research through a critical lens. My goal is to equip every student with the pedagogical, methodological, and philosophical tools they need to effectively lead students with diverse backgrounds, counsel, advise, and conduct rigorous research in higher education. I see advising as an integral part of graduate-level teaching.


Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Developed and taught)
Critical pedagogy, curriculum development, assessment and academic planning in Higher Education.

Legal Issues in Higher Education (Developed and taught)
Practical knowledge and awareness of legal issues in higher education for administrators, faculty, and student affairs professionals.

Seminar in College Teaching (Developed and taught)
Teaching (syllabus design, lesson planning, learning psychology and instructional Strategies) in the higher education classroom.

Practicum in University/College Teaching (Developed and taught)
Applied action research in university/college teaching; capstone course for certificate in college/university teaching.

The Professoriate (Developed and taught)
Understanding the role of the professor in American higher education.

Overview of Postsecondary Education (Developed and taught; Online)
History of Higher Education in the United States through a critical lens.

Instructional Strategies (Co-developed and taught)
Understanding the appropriate use of instructional strategies in the adult education classroom.

College Students in the United States (Taught; Online/Face-to-face)
Understanding college student development theories and applications to practice for higher education faculty.

Foundations of Health Professions Education (Developed and taught)
Introduction to the professoriate for Health Professions Faculty.

Teaching English Language Learners (Online/Hybrid; Developed and taught)
Introduction to teaching ELLs for primary and secondary teachers.

Language Studies for Masters [English as a Second Language (ESL)]
Developing academic speaking and writing skills for English Language Learners (ELLs).

Structure/Speaking Practice (ESL)
English grammar introduction and practice adapted for beginner, intermediate and advanced ELLs.

Reading/Writing (ESL)
Introducing and developing English writing and reading skills for ELLs.